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Cowry Asset Management

Investment Decisions are fragile, only professional experience can guarantee protection of your assets.

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Cowry Asset Management

Critical insight with experience positions us to help you protect your assets.

What We Do

Cowry Asset Management Limited offers clients the option of managing their portfolios actively or allowing us to manage their portfolios for them. Our proficiency is in delivering growth, value, and balanced equity investment strategies as well as fixed income stewardship for private clients and institutional and corporate cash management.

We tailor our solutions to meet the risk/reward requirements of our clients and to ensure that portfolio balance is suitable for their needs and investment objectives.

Our processes are structured to ensure timely execution of clients' mandates while maintaining the integrity of the trades. Our clients are able to view their accounts and monitor trades via our web-interface or through our telephone enquiry system.

At Cowry, research is at the heart of our operations, for without insight how can you uncover value, or appreciate it for that matter.

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